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Here is how you can reduce your cell phone bill . . .
simple and reliable eSIM solution

What is eSIM technology?

If you've purchased a new cell phone in the past decade or so, you're probably already familiar with the SIM - a little thumbnail-sized card that needs to be inserted to connect your phone to your carrier's cellular network and plan.

In case of eSIM, the "e" stands for "embedded", which makes sense as this is a SIM card that stays inside your phone and can't be removed. It performs the same function as a traditional SIM card but has the potential to make things a lot simpler for most smartphone users. It also provides cellular carrier network independence, which means you do not have to stick with just one carrier forever. All you need, just a WiFi connection, install your eSIM with a QR code using your cell phone camera, and there you go with your data connectivity in matter of few minutes.

Which mobile phone manufacturers support eSIM technology?

Here is the list of some manufacturers of mobile phone with eSIM:

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Motorola
  • Nokia
  • Samsung
  • Sony

Click here for list of all manufacturers

How it works?

Step 1:
Buy a mobile phone with eSIM enabled . . . check eSIM enabled devices

Step 2:
Create a login account . . . Click here to create an account

Step 3:
Purchase a data plan based on your location . . . all data plans

Step 4:
Install eSIM via QR code using phone camera . . . login to your account

Congratulations you'r all set!

What are the benefits of the solutions?

World is changing on a very fast pace around us, and telecommunication is playing vital role to keep us informed for any upcoming challenges and keep us up to date with any technological advancements.

World has drastically changed after COVID 19 pendemic and it became a global village. Our jobs have changed, most people have gone through a huge learning curve of doing business online and providing online services to their clients. A fast reliable data connectivity became vital for our day to day life, either it is shoping or work or socail life, things cannot be done without riliable data connectivity to a secre and scable network. Here are the key benefits you could get from Beaver Telecommunications:

  • 99.9 % up time
  • Global access 3G/4G/5G+ network
  • Secure cellular network
  • Enhanced secruity for your data traffic on the internet
  • Cost effective prices
  • Stay connected wherever you are in the world without any roaming charges

How can you benefit from eSIM technology?

eSIM technology is revolutionizing smart devices, you can use it in your smart phones, tablets, laptops, MiFi routers, smart meters, vehicles, remote monitoring cameras, fleet tracking and more.

There are no roaming charges to this technology, and on top of that it is best for secure and encrypted communications.

Beaver Telecommunications is committed to providing cost effective solutions to its customers. We can save you good money on your telecommunication bills by providing cheap eSIM data plans to your phones, tablets and computers. You can easily cut down your monthly bills to half. Transfer to our network and start saving today.

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